Sunday, March 4, 2012

Unknown Pharaoh discoverd at Karnak Temple

During his visit yesterday to Karnak temple, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim(Minister state of Antiquities) announced the discovery of a new pharaoh’s name from the 17th dynasty that was not known to Egyptologists which helps in revealing the chronological order of the Kings of this dynasty.
It was the IFAO mission headed by Christophe Thiers that found a limestone door at the north of Amon’s temple dated back to 17th dynasty with hieroglyphics inscriptions and a royal cartouche bears the name of a King that didn’t appear before in ancient Egyptian history and the name is “Sen Nakht N’ Ra”

The Minister confirmed that this discovery is the first of this Pharaoh’s work as the text mentioned that he established buildings for God Amon in Karnak with the limestone he quarried from Tora,near Cairo and demanded the work to continue in the area in order to reveal more architecture elements that had been established by this King.
This discovery will add a new King to the 17th dynasty which witnesses the Hyksos occupation.

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