Sunday, April 21, 2013

Museum Pieces - Apis carrying the mummy

Separated from the mummy-shaped coffin of which it once formed the footboard, the board now appears to have been created as an independent work of art: a lively depiction of a bull with black spots, carrying a mummy on its back. According to a myth, the sacred Apis bull carried the corpse of Osiris for Horus. It is a rare image which the priest of Montu Nes(er)-amun has utilized in order to achieve resurrection like Osiris.

Present location:   KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM [09/001] VIENNA
Inventory number:   912
Archaeological Site:   UNKNOWN
Material:   WOOD
Technique:   PAINTED
Height:   36.2 cm
Width:   27 cm
Depth:   2 cm


Speech by Osiris, the great god, and by Montu, the Lord of the West. Nes(er)-amun, the lord of veneration.


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