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Museum Pieces - Wooden Panel on behalf of Pharaoh Sehibra

Wooden panel on behalf of Sehibra

This wooden panel, enriched by including glass paste and / or other valuable material, belonged to a small temple.

The scene that appears, plays a ceremony officiated in a temple by the pharaoh Sehibra, identifiable thanks to the cartouche with his name which is above his knees. The sovereign, protected by the great wings of the goddess Isis, is holding a neb sign in his hands with the udjat eye and the sign nefer, the adjective which means "beautiful" or "good", to be offered to the deity .

Additional Information

This type of ritual is repeated every morning inside the numerous Egyptian temples, and it was the king, as supreme guarantor in the land of Maat (truth, justice, and cosmic order), as a privileged intermediary between the human world and the divine world, to having to celebrate; unable to perform this function at the same time across the country, the pharaoh was replaced in each sanctuary by the high priest. 
His participation in the rite was guaranteed by the wall reliefs, sculptures, decorative elements, which are present within the sacred , which depicted the presence of divinity.

Origin: Egypt undisclosed location. Collection Palagi (Nizzoli) Date: Third Intermediate Period: Dynasty XXIII, Sehibra reign (823-716 BC) Material: wood Size: 25.5 x 15 x 1 cm Inventory number: KS 289


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